Clear, concise writing for websites and apps. Copywriting for clients ranging from global investment banks to newly minted startups. Writing to build your brand (and your business).



Get a compelling brand narrative that articulates your values and vision and gains the attention of your target clients.  Get a concise, compelling story that defines your brand’s identity and speaks to your target audience.


Annual reports, sustainability, diversity & inclusion reports, and brochures for various stakeholder audiences, including investors, employees, and governments.

Media pitches

Identifying story angles and media contacts, crafting pitches and articles for publication. My clients have been featured in Forbes, The Guardian, Business Insider, The Daily Telegraph and The Globe and Mail. 

Thought leadership 

Original articles and reports that stimulate discussion and position clients as opinion leaders in their sphere.



Web pages optimised for conversions. Words and stories that ensure you generate leads, sales, or sign-ups.


Get a plan to help you create and distribute valuable content to the right audience in a way that supports your overall business objectives.


Writing that gets noticed in inboxes. Subject line that grabs attention, boosts open rates and starts conversations.  

Press releases 

Original articles and reports that stimulate discussion and position clients as opinion leaders in their sphere.


White papers

Share knowledge, influence and position yourself as experts with a well-researched, well-written, and strategically promoted white paper.


Ensure your writing embodies logic, quality, clarity, and coherence. Succinct writing improves readability, making it more likely your words will attract and retain eyeballs.


Blueprints to communicate and plan the visual narrative and flow of short,  promotional films for a range of audiences and channels.  


Articulate messages clearly, convey the desired tone, and deliver impactful storytelling.


Opinion pieces 

Move the debate along, position yourself (and your firm) as experts in your field. Help with angle identification, researching topics, drafting and editing. 


 Well-crafted captions that get attention, spark curiosity and encourage engagement. Connect with your community.


Ghostwriting for opinion pieces, books and letters written in your voice and style. Experienced at writing for C-level professionals. 

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