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Get Published and Get Known.

4- Week Live Program Begins May 17th.

Have you often seen a competitor featured in the Huffington Post or Forbes and wondered “why them and not me?”

Does getting major media coverage seem like something that happens to everyone else apart from you? Maybe you feel like you’re not interesting enough, or you haven’t accomplished enough to be newsworthy. For many people, the world of media and journalism is mysterious and inaccessible. Many people think they need to be famous or rich to get their story shared in a major publication. You’re not sure who you should be contacting, or how. And what should you say to them once you have their contact details?  I have a pretty good idea. I was a business journalist for eight years, before switching to PR. Since I made the switch, I’ve worked with everyone from entrepreneurs and startups, to charities and big businesses. Many of my smaller clients, in particular, are surprised to learn that getting press can be accessible for smaller names.  In this 4-week group program, I will guide you through everything you need to know to execute your own media strategy, gain the attention of global media, and tell your story, for the rest of your life. 

What to Expect

In this course, you’ll:

  • Dramatically improve your pitching success rate so that you can build your profile and become an influential leader in your industry.
  • Become a sought after speaker and expert commentator.
  • See your credibility rise and an increase in offers of work.

What We’ll Cover:

  • How to package up your perspectives as compelling articles that editors will want to publish and people will want to read.
  • How to find the contacts you need to be speaking to in order to get yourself heard.
  • The ins and outs of pitching.
  • Which publications favor certain approaches.

How it Works

This course will be delivered through a live 4-week program to get your story told to a global audience. It includes:

  • A premium service (worth $500) of reviewing and editing one pitch and article for submission with Clare personally
  • 4 x weekly group training with Clare (and Lydia on Week 1) to learn all the skills you need to pitch your story to media
  • A customized 12-month comprehensive media plan 
  • Private Facebook group for extra support and feedback 

Live 4-Week Group Program Starting May 17th

Get Clear on Your Angles

Identify the strongest angles of your story to increase your pitching success rate.

Your Personal Media List

Create your own personalized comprehensive plan of target publications you can use again and again.

Your Blogs Ready for Publication

Get inside tips on how to prepare your top blogs ready to be published in major news outlets.

A 12-Month Media Plan

Know exactly when and how to reach specific editors and journalist contacts.

What you’ll get as part of my “Get Published and Get known” Live Program

Get your top blogs ready to be published: Get clear on how to package up your perspectives as compelling articles that editors will want to publish and people will want to read.

Your personal media list:  How to find the the specific contacts you need to be speaking to in order to get yourself heard. Understand which publications favor certain approaches. Create your own personalized comprehensive plan of target publications you can use forever and know exactly how to reach them.

Customized 12-month media plan and strategy: Maximize your business outcomes by planning the timing of your press successes to coincide with key milestones for your business.

A pitch plan forever: Devise countless new headlines relating to your niche. Pinpoint key story angles that will establish credibility and get you published in leading publications.

BONUS:  Your best pitch and accompanying article reviewed personally by me so you just have to hit the send button (normally worth $500).

Clare Harrison, Founder, The Story Scientist

Clare Harrison, Founder, The Story Scientist

After graduating with Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University, I spent ten years in journalism and communications. I started my career as a business journalist in London where I wrote for the Times and the UK Daily Telegraph, two of the UK’s biggest daily broadsheet newspapers. During that time, I also freelanced for a specialist PR and communications title for over five years and worked for some of the world’s biggest PR agencies. Now I help startups and small businesses get more bang for their buck when it comes to content and media relations by ghostwriting articles, pitches and helping them identify the right outlets for their story.
“I got in Forbes, Huffington Post and the Virgin blog, in the space of 30 days. Then it’s been non-stop since Richard Branson and Tim Ferriss shared articles written by and featuring me in the space of a week. ”
Lydia Lee

Founder, Screw the Cubicle

Clare helped me with some of our press releases that we then use to pitch to journalists. She instinctively understands the importance of a great angle and helps me identify exactly who to target.

Risyiana Muthia

Communications Manager, Hubud

I worked on a time sensitive communications campaign for a charity client, which received great praise from the client and the founder. She’s a fantastic writer and I consider Clare as our preferred partner for PR.
Louise Graham

Founder, ThinkFrog Marketing

Clare has helped me with my media efforts. She’s got a head for angles and knows how to approach journalists.
Olly Lucas

Founder, Iamthebestman